Thursday, 13 March 2014

Not long now.........

Just 2  more sleeps until we can go and pick up Jack and Izzy and bring them home!  We have finally settled on the name Izzabella aka Izzy after much chopping and changing but hubby was not budging from the name Jack so there we have it, they are named!

We have now put down the non slip mats in the kitchen just in case, greys can be big babies if they hurt themselves  so if we can avoid any further stress for them then we will!  You don't have to spend loads  I grabbed 3 mats at 3.29 each from Dunelm and one pack of non slip backing at 5.99 so it didn't break the bank!   They do need raised feeding bowls and I must admit I found these a little pricey, best to shop around but really a bowl on an upturned bucket would do the job!  We got a nice big soft bed for them although we are fully expecting to loose our rights over the sofa so just as well it is a nice bed coz me and hubby will probably be the ones it in!
The collars, leads and coats we got from the rescue center and  not forgetting the ID tags,  ooh and  big basket of toys also awaits our new arrivals, exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Back Soon!
Tummy rubs!

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