Sunday, 9 March 2014

Garden Prep

Deciding you are going to adopt is the easy bit, but you may well find like us that your house and garden may need some TLC to meet the home check criteria. Of course Max and Perry lived here with us but  they were established and we knew them inside out, we could of left our gate wide open ( we didnt by the way but you get the picture ) and they would be going nowhere,of course bringing the greys home from a kennel environment will be a different story!  They will not be used to going in and out when the choose and this will be a new and exciting experience for them, then of course there are the cats next door, mmm very tempting I am sure , extra precautions needed to ensure safety of both!!

 Our garden needed some work in order to pass the home check which I think all re-homing organisations insist on.   We had to increase the  height of the fence on our neighbors side which in the end meant building a new one within our own boundary,  lucky hubby works for a builders merchant so staff discount made it possible, just!   The rear of the garden has been in need of a good tidy up and now seemed like a good time to get on with it.  Still work in progress but now we are secure and exceed the minimum 6  foot required with no outlets.  An extra bolt has been added to the gate and a step put in, great job hubby!  I should point out I did help a lot honest!!!  We still have some stepping stones through the gravel to put down as this will be kinder on little paws and a low decorative secondary fence with swing gate is going in between the grass area and the gravel but these wont be necessary to pass the home check, pics to follow in the next few weeks!




So that's the garden all ready!
Back soon!
Tummy Rubs!


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