Sunday, 23 March 2014

A week later

Had a great first week both settling in very well, eating well, lots of cuddles, they enjoy the garden the only thing is walks are a  bit stressful as Jack spooks himself every 2 minutes and Izzy is very switched on. Not really seen any little dogs yet so we are having to have eyes in the back of our heads!   Jack is a real softy, a true gentlemen and very easy going until he goes out.  He is shy but he has come on leaps and bounds, he spent the first couple of days lying in the hall but now he is launching himself on the sofa! He loves to nick a tea towel or two and boy does he love food, I mean LOVE food! Madam as she is now affectionately known is in your face, loves her toys and doesn't like Jack getting too much fuss, if she thinks he is then she sprawls herself out on top of us, LOL!   She loves her cuddles though and gives lots of kisses!

Next week I hope wont be too stressful for them, we have been at home with them this week but we have to go back to work :O(

Izzy relaxing, so elegant!

Handsome Boy

More relaxing!


 Spot o sunbathing!

Back Soon!
Tummy Rubs!

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