Saturday, 8 March 2014

In Memory


So let me start by saying hello and welcome to my little blog  For The Love of Greys and certainly not forgetting the Lurchers too!  My inspiration to keep this blog is for many reasons but mainly because of the complete sadness I feel having very few photo's to reflect on, I so wish I was a  trigger happy kinda a girl and by this I mean using a camera!  Having recently lost our beloved Max (lurcher) last December and looking round our house I realise all my memories are in my head, and with time these will fade.  Of course the real funny stories and most memorable moments may well remain but it would be so nice to have little reminders just in case!  I am fortunate that I do have a beautiful picture of Max which I got made into a canvas print  but for our gorgeous grey Perry we have nothing but a couple of snap shots and this just is not going to happen again!  I dedicate this blog to Max and Perry, we miss you so much, run free my angels, till we meet again and we will, I promise!

Secondly I am determined to try and help the plight of these beautiful dogs, there are many rescue organisations devoted to saving and re homing them, they work 24/7 all year round, a job that will never end, more come in then homes will ever be found for and I am sure at times what they see must just be beyond words!  So what can I do, not as much as I would like unless my numbers come up but I hope to raise awareness and show just what amazing pets these dogs make by sharing a diary of  two rescue greys as we bring them home from the kennels into their forever home.

So this is the purpose of my blog , to keep an online diary, warts and all with lots of pics something I will always have to read and remember whenever I choose.  I hope if anyone stumbles by that it it will open  eyes to taking on a rescue grey or lurcher instead of paying hundreds of pounds to greedy breeders, you don't need too and why would you want to, my thoughts on that I will vent another day!   Watching that transition from kennel hound to sofa hound ( which wont take long) and becoming part of the family is one of the most rewarding experiences EVER!

Max  - 05/12/13

Perry -  ( Sperrin Valley) 10/10/10

Back tomorrow!
Tummy Rubs!
Karen xx

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