Sunday, 23 March 2014

A week later

Had a great first week both settling in very well, eating well, lots of cuddles, they enjoy the garden the only thing is walks are a  bit stressful as Jack spooks himself every 2 minutes and Izzy is very switched on. Not really seen any little dogs yet so we are having to have eyes in the back of our heads!   Jack is a real softy, a true gentlemen and very easy going until he goes out.  He is shy but he has come on leaps and bounds, he spent the first couple of days lying in the hall but now he is launching himself on the sofa! He loves to nick a tea towel or two and boy does he love food, I mean LOVE food! Madam as she is now affectionately known is in your face, loves her toys and doesn't like Jack getting too much fuss, if she thinks he is then she sprawls herself out on top of us, LOL!   She loves her cuddles though and gives lots of kisses!

Next week I hope wont be too stressful for them, we have been at home with them this week but we have to go back to work :O(

Izzy relaxing, so elegant!

Handsome Boy

More relaxing!


 Spot o sunbathing!

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Day 4

Madam Izzy as we have come to call her wormed her way onto dads lap,  she is not shy in coming forward Lol but she is a joy!  Jack gets better by the day, he has been lying on the floor but today he was brave enough to get in one of the beds and he stood up to madam a bit, he got himself a plant pot and had no intention of giving it up! They both helped us plant a trough up today, well I say help, madam was tossing the peat out with her nose as fast as we could fill it and Jack thought it was fun to dig the plants out!!  He is so beautiful , very very gentle and boy does he love his food, we have never seen a dog eat so quick!!

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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Forever Home Day

Yesterday 15th March  we welcome Jack and Izzy to their forever home, its very difficult to get any good pics as Izzy is just so excited and Jack is very shy but I did manage to get a few..............

What a fabulous pair, day one and no accidents, they both downed their dinners, Izzy loves the toys, and my socks and my slippers and shoes MMmmm !!  She is a clever girly this one, brazen with it too but she gives you such lovely cuddles, bless her!  Jack decided he would go upstairs too so funny he saw himself in the mirror it was hilarious, love him, he really couldn't work it out!  Different story trying to get him down though, we tried the one in front and one at the back with knee up bum but no, tried the lure of fresh bit of ham but no, so in the end hubby picked him up LOl, and he actually let him no problem, so hubby carried him down!!   He is a total sweetheart and very handsome, they are chalk and cheese but I think they will be good together.   The walk on day one was short Jack was very jumpy and nervy so we only managed 10 mins but as soon as we got back the tail started wagging again!  As advised we are keeping them muzzled at night and when out for walks until we can be sure they will be ok with each other and  with others but watching them today I am sure it is going to be fine!    As I am writing this post (Sunday morning) they are both asleep, I am not gonna move LOL!!!

Izzy claiming the best bed LOl!

Poor Jack got the floor!

Wot this is my garden whenever I want?????????????

Cool our own garden!

Izzy fancied a pog out the window!

Synchronized Sniffing!!!

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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Not long now.........

Just 2  more sleeps until we can go and pick up Jack and Izzy and bring them home!  We have finally settled on the name Izzabella aka Izzy after much chopping and changing but hubby was not budging from the name Jack so there we have it, they are named!

We have now put down the non slip mats in the kitchen just in case, greys can be big babies if they hurt themselves  so if we can avoid any further stress for them then we will!  You don't have to spend loads  I grabbed 3 mats at 3.29 each from Dunelm and one pack of non slip backing at 5.99 so it didn't break the bank!   They do need raised feeding bowls and I must admit I found these a little pricey, best to shop around but really a bowl on an upturned bucket would do the job!  We got a nice big soft bed for them although we are fully expecting to loose our rights over the sofa so just as well it is a nice bed coz me and hubby will probably be the ones it in!
The collars, leads and coats we got from the rescue center and  not forgetting the ID tags,  ooh and  big basket of toys also awaits our new arrivals, exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Garden Prep

Deciding you are going to adopt is the easy bit, but you may well find like us that your house and garden may need some TLC to meet the home check criteria. Of course Max and Perry lived here with us but  they were established and we knew them inside out, we could of left our gate wide open ( we didnt by the way but you get the picture ) and they would be going nowhere,of course bringing the greys home from a kennel environment will be a different story!  They will not be used to going in and out when the choose and this will be a new and exciting experience for them, then of course there are the cats next door, mmm very tempting I am sure , extra precautions needed to ensure safety of both!!

 Our garden needed some work in order to pass the home check which I think all re-homing organisations insist on.   We had to increase the  height of the fence on our neighbors side which in the end meant building a new one within our own boundary,  lucky hubby works for a builders merchant so staff discount made it possible, just!   The rear of the garden has been in need of a good tidy up and now seemed like a good time to get on with it.  Still work in progress but now we are secure and exceed the minimum 6  foot required with no outlets.  An extra bolt has been added to the gate and a step put in, great job hubby!  I should point out I did help a lot honest!!!  We still have some stepping stones through the gravel to put down as this will be kinder on little paws and a low decorative secondary fence with swing gate is going in between the grass area and the gravel but these wont be necessary to pass the home check, pics to follow in the next few weeks!




So that's the garden all ready!
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Saturday, 8 March 2014

In Memory


So let me start by saying hello and welcome to my little blog  For The Love of Greys and certainly not forgetting the Lurchers too!  My inspiration to keep this blog is for many reasons but mainly because of the complete sadness I feel having very few photo's to reflect on, I so wish I was a  trigger happy kinda a girl and by this I mean using a camera!  Having recently lost our beloved Max (lurcher) last December and looking round our house I realise all my memories are in my head, and with time these will fade.  Of course the real funny stories and most memorable moments may well remain but it would be so nice to have little reminders just in case!  I am fortunate that I do have a beautiful picture of Max which I got made into a canvas print  but for our gorgeous grey Perry we have nothing but a couple of snap shots and this just is not going to happen again!  I dedicate this blog to Max and Perry, we miss you so much, run free my angels, till we meet again and we will, I promise!

Secondly I am determined to try and help the plight of these beautiful dogs, there are many rescue organisations devoted to saving and re homing them, they work 24/7 all year round, a job that will never end, more come in then homes will ever be found for and I am sure at times what they see must just be beyond words!  So what can I do, not as much as I would like unless my numbers come up but I hope to raise awareness and show just what amazing pets these dogs make by sharing a diary of  two rescue greys as we bring them home from the kennels into their forever home.

So this is the purpose of my blog , to keep an online diary, warts and all with lots of pics something I will always have to read and remember whenever I choose.  I hope if anyone stumbles by that it it will open  eyes to taking on a rescue grey or lurcher instead of paying hundreds of pounds to greedy breeders, you don't need too and why would you want to, my thoughts on that I will vent another day!   Watching that transition from kennel hound to sofa hound ( which wont take long) and becoming part of the family is one of the most rewarding experiences EVER!

Max  - 05/12/13

Perry -  ( Sperrin Valley) 10/10/10

Back tomorrow!
Tummy Rubs!
Karen xx