Sunday, 16 March 2014

Forever Home Day

Yesterday 15th March  we welcome Jack and Izzy to their forever home, its very difficult to get any good pics as Izzy is just so excited and Jack is very shy but I did manage to get a few..............

What a fabulous pair, day one and no accidents, they both downed their dinners, Izzy loves the toys, and my socks and my slippers and shoes MMmmm !!  She is a clever girly this one, brazen with it too but she gives you such lovely cuddles, bless her!  Jack decided he would go upstairs too so funny he saw himself in the mirror it was hilarious, love him, he really couldn't work it out!  Different story trying to get him down though, we tried the one in front and one at the back with knee up bum but no, tried the lure of fresh bit of ham but no, so in the end hubby picked him up LOl, and he actually let him no problem, so hubby carried him down!!   He is a total sweetheart and very handsome, they are chalk and cheese but I think they will be good together.   The walk on day one was short Jack was very jumpy and nervy so we only managed 10 mins but as soon as we got back the tail started wagging again!  As advised we are keeping them muzzled at night and when out for walks until we can be sure they will be ok with each other and  with others but watching them today I am sure it is going to be fine!    As I am writing this post (Sunday morning) they are both asleep, I am not gonna move LOL!!!

Izzy claiming the best bed LOl!

Poor Jack got the floor!

Wot this is my garden whenever I want?????????????

Cool our own garden!

Izzy fancied a pog out the window!

Synchronized Sniffing!!!

Back Soon!
Tummy Rubs!

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  1. Welcome Home Jack and Izzy! You will love living with your new family :0) Hope you liked your present from Woodi and Saren. Have a lovely week settling in. Love and tummy rubs Lisa xx